You Don’t Know, What is her Real Name? There is significantly more to Paige than every one of the awards and her adherents. Her way to fame was no cakewalk, as she needed to work unbelievably difficult to get where she is today.

You Don’t Know, What is her Real Name?

Raised by two expert wrestlers, Paige has a genuine love for wrestling and is not in it for the notoriety or cash. It is an extraordinary feeling realizing that a dearest wrestler has been a long lasting aficionado of the game. Being a Champion in NXT, and after that different times for the WWE, it appears to be wherever she goes she rules the media scope and at times traverses into the standard. Being so youthful, we may simply be seeing one of the best wrestling professions unfurl just right in front of us.

You Don't Know, What is her Real Name?

Considering Paige is a standout amongst the most well-known wrestlers in the whole game, there will undoubtedly be some energetic devotees of her. Despite the fact that you may be observed each match, purchased each bit of stock, or maybe observed each scene of Total Divas, ideally, you can gain some new useful knowledge about Paige in this rundown.

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Here are things you didn’t think about Paige.


You would think with a wrestling name like Paige, that is most likely her original name. Her real name is Saraya-Jade Bevis. She is named Saraya in light of the fact that her mom’s wrestling name – yes, her mom is a wrestler – was Sweet Saraya. Paige initially utilized the ring named Saraya, until it was changed when she appeared with Florida Championship Wrestling. We as a whole know how WWE demands giving names to the entertainers so they can trademark them. You Don’t Know, What is her Real Name?

You Don't Know, What is her Real Name?


In spite of her young age, Paige co-possesses an espresso organization called The Dark Gypsy. Paige and her accomplices, Bobby Schubenski and Jim Somers, propelled the organization as of late in September of 2015. The organization certainly has some of Paige’s gothic style, with espresso flavors, for example, “Passing Before Decaf” and “Better Than Blood”. Offering shirts and stock, The Dark Gypsy is more than just espresso.

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Despite the fact that Paige was naturally introduced to a wrestling family, she didn’t warm up to wrestling until she was around 10 years of age. Seeing the physicality and risks of the game of wrestling, terrified Paige when she was more youthful. It must be odd for a youngster to see their folks wrestle against outsiders for the diversion of others. At 10 years old, Paige at long last let her more established siblings begin to prepare her in wrestling. Her dad then opened up a wrestling school when she was 11, where she regularly prepared. You Don’t Know, What is her Real Name?

You Don't Know, What is her Real Name?


Whether this was only a storyline played up for Total Divas or on the off chance that it was genuine, Paige was locked into guitarist Kevin Skaff from A Day to Remember. The match dated from May 2015 to not long ago. Amid that time, Skaff proposed to Paige, who at first said yes, yet then had misgivings and chose she wasn’t prepared for marriage. When she canceled the engagement, the two started to float separated and in the long run separated. You could hear male fans shouting “YES!” all around the globe when that happened. You Don’t Know, What is her Real Name?

You Don't Know, What is her Real Name?



Conceivably because of Paige having wrestled from such a youthful age, she experiences scoliosis, a strange shape in the spine. Paige was uninformed of the condition until in the wake of marking with WWE. She said on Stone Cold’s WWE Network podcast that her spine resembles a question mark. She doesn’t deny that it could bring about issues for her further down the road, and she feels that she’ll, in the long run, need to care more for her condition. We should trust it doesn’t abbreviate her vocation. You Don’t Know, What is her Real Name?