What Is The Favourite Food Of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, We as a whole know our Prime Minister Narendra Modi from the times of his hard battle for Lok Sabha decision? We as a whole know about his rhetoric control, assault on resistance, and his tall tale story from an ordinary Tea vendor to the Prime Minister of India.

What Is The Favourite Food Of Prime Minister Narendra Modi

When he was confirmed as the Prime Minister of India, we are more inquisitive to know an even littlest thing about him and his way of life.

What Is The Favourite Food Of Prime Minister Narendra Modi

What Is The Favourite Food Of Prime Minister Narendra Modi

We as a whole realize that to keep himself sound and fit, he takes after an hour of Yoga and solid eating routine.

Presently, to know his way of life all the more distinctly, we have recorded some of his most loved sound and nutritious sustenance that he cherishes to eat as his consistently count calories.

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Bhindi Kadhi With Rice:

This Bhindi Kadhi is a Gujarati delicacy. It is additionally called Dahi-Bhindi. Bhindi Kadhi is made with primary ingredients Yogurt and Gram flour. Fundamentally, it is a buttermilk stew cooked with Bhindi (Lady Fingers or Okra) and prepared with assembled seeds, curry leaves, and cumin seeds. Normally presented with chapati or rice

Vaghareli Khichdi:

Khichdi, made of rice and lentil, is exceptionally solid and nutritious supper, believed to be a solace sustenance. Vaghareli Khichdi is likewise called masala khichdi, spiced up with few flavors and the selection of vegetables. It’s light, fulfilling, thus soothing that nothing can be coordinated with it. It is by and large presented with straightforward Kadhi.

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White Khatta Dhokla:

Khatta Dhokla is a Gujarati Snack. It is set up from matured and steamed rice, near South Indian dish Idli. It is light, springy, piece sharp, and spoiled with mustard and cumin seeds and gently spiced with sesame seeds, green chilies, and ginger. For the most part presented with sweet and hot chutney.

What Is The Favourite Food Of Prime Minister Narendra Modi

What Is The Favourite Food Of Prime Minister Narendra Modi


Khadavi is prevalent, mouth watering, customary, faultless, true nibble from Gujrat. Principle ingredients are gram flour and curd. The khandvi rolls are tempered with cumin seeds, asafoetida, sesame seeds, marshaled seeds, curry leaves, chilies, and sprinkled with coconut, coriander, cumin seeds. It is said that it is the minimal troublesome thing to plan. It requires heaps of persistence to be idealized.

Surti Undhiyu:

Surti Undhiyu, a conventional Gujrati Dish, is started from the city of Surat in Gujrat. Undhiyu is made of a blend of vegetables and fenugreek dumpling (called Muthiah) cooked with conventional Indian herbs and flavors. This dish is set up in winter, as the vegetables utilized as a part of are regular. For the most part presented with pulkas or Puris and some sweet dish Jalebi or shrikhand.

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Sweet Mango Achaar:

Sweet Mango Pickle is exceptionally unique of the considerable number of pickles. Under ready and crude mangoes are diced into pieces and stewed in sugar syrup with specific flavors, for example, garlic, cloves, inlet leaf, peppercorn, fennel seeds, and red bean stew powder. It is kept in the sun for around 20 to 30 days to cook. By and large presented with supper.

Shrikhand With Dry Fruits:

Shrikhand is extremely normal, yogurt based sweet and acrid betray dish, very famous in Gujarati and Maharashtrian cuisine. It is made of yogurt that is stressed through the material and afterward blended with sugar powder and saffron. It likewise can be blended with various leafy foods with the decision of dry natural products.