Sonu Nigam’s rage on Twitter is getting greater with each passing day. Maulavi Issued The Fatwa Against Sonu Nigam, When he first took to Twitter, to discuss awakening to Azaan consistently and how exasperating it is, everybody hammered him. We are almost certain he didn’t mean it the way it turned out.

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He was simply making his dismay clear about the amplifiers blasting the heavenly supplications. Yet, no one has sufficient energy to put such a great amount of thought to a celeb’s tweet and subsequently, the entire country emitted. Maulavi Issued The Fatwa Against Sonu Nigam, Because His Religion is Music.

Toward the beginning of today, we heard a Fatwa has been pronounced on him. Sonu even has a peculiar answer to that as well. He requested that everybody be available at a place where a well-known beautician will shave off his hair.

A senior individual from a gathering issued the Fatwa against him. Syed Sha Atef Ali Al Qadri, Vice President, West Bengal Minority United Council told DNA, “In the event that anybody can shave his hair, put a festoon of old torn shoes around his neck and visit him around the nation I for one declare an honor of Rs 10 lakh for that individual.” Sonu Nigam chose to give it back in this shape, This is not going to subside right now. Religious remarks are considered excessively important in this nation. Sonu’s worries about again were clearly not going to be let be.

Sonu is bringing it with a squeeze of salt it appears. Qadri had likewise included, “I would have responded a similar way in the event that one had spoken sick about the sound of singers originating from a sanctuary also. Maulavi Issued The Fatwa Against Sonu Nigam, Because His Religion is Music.

On the off chance that we as a whole turn out to be so narrow-minded of each other’s religions, we will soon have a cluster of agnostics in our nation. Individuals like Nigam ought to be driven out of the nation.” We ponder where will the majority of this end. Maulavi Issued The Fatwa Against Sonu Nigam, Because His Religion is Music.