Learn WordPress Posts Vs Pages in Just 15 Minutes

Learn WordPress Posts Vs Pages in Just 15 Minutes, Now you already know about WordPress Dashboard and time to get ready to post your ideas into your post.

In this lesson, we will talk about two things about post and page. Before we start it’s important to know the difference in post and pages in WordPress.
The biggest difference in Pages and Post are :


Posts are auspicious versus Pages are immortal.

Posts are social versus Pages are NOT.

Posts can be arranged versus Pages are various leveled.

Posts are incorporated into RSS channel versus Pages are definitely not.

Pages have custom format include versus Posts don’t.

Pages are typically used for static content and content doesn’t change very often. Pages are typically included navigation menu which is always located at the near or top of the site.Good example about static page is About page and Contact page. Learn WordPress Posts Vs Pages in Just 15 Minutes.

On the other hand post are blog entries or articles, Post can be side to the categories for readers to make it easy. And related post blog should be in the same category. In general, it’s a good idea to include a blog in site strategies, but you are not limited to only display your blog to the homepage as you can see WordPress enable you to see the combination of static pages and blog post to build any type of the site you only can imagine. Learn WordPress Posts Vs Pages in Just 15 Minutes. Learn WordPress Posts Vs Pages in Just 15 Minutes.

About Post:



Blogger clients want to pick posts for the greater part of their website’s substance. Posts resemble content sections that show your site’s substance on the premise of distributed planning. More established posts are filed on the premise of months and years. At the point when the posts get more established, clients need to borrow the site to contact them. Regardless, there is a choice called “Marks” that empowers you to order your posts in a precise way.

A post, for the most part, contains an auspicious substance that is implied for an instructive reason like articles, suppositions, instructional exercises, exchange, news, engaging an article that commonly raises a blog. The posts show up in a sequential request on the home and in addition to the blog file. They are likewise utilized as a part of RSS Feeds with the goal that it can convey the most recent upgrades and news to the endorsers. To spread or mingle your posts we generally utilize Social Sharing modules. It permits your clients to share your posts on various Social systems i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Google+

Posts energize talk. Of course, they have a remarking highlight that permits clients to connect with and remark on a specific point. In any case, you can incapacitate this element by killing the remarking choice through settings. Learn WordPress Posts Vs Pages in Just 15 Minutes.

About Pages:


Most importantly, when we take a gander at a commonplace site, we will, by and large, observe a route bar at the top someplace, isn’t that so? My site is an immaculate case here.

On the off chance that you take a gander at the highest point of this page you can see my distinctive pages of the site. The fundamental pages of the site are: manufacture a site, content written work, movement sorts, and about me. Learn WordPress Posts Vs Pages in Just 15 Minutes.

There is likewise a landing page yet we will get to that in a later next segment.


Say Cheez you know about Post and Pages….