Learn WordPress Post Formats in Just 5 Minutes

Now you can Learn WordPress Post Formats in Just 5 Minutes, In this model, we will discuss post formats. After completing this article you will be able to understand post formats completely.



As there are a number of post formats enable you to create specific types of post each one has own unique style. Most often you will find yourself creating a standard article which is made up with the title and body content but you can also create as Aside which is just a quick thought or Aside topic, or you can upload photo or image, video, quote, link, gallery, status, audio, and chat.



Selecting a post format automatically changes a style or appearance of the post provided you theme supports them. These post formats are all available for theme developers, but you may not include support for individual post formats, so you may not see these post formats choosers at all or the designer of your theme will not create a specific style for each post format. In which case, you won’t see much difference when choosing between them. The posy format determines how post displayed on your site. For EXP: this is standard blog article full-size image which automatically overflows to the left:



and this is a standard blog post with the excerpt and featured image at the top here is an EXP for aside:



and this is an EXP for gallery post:



Now you can see each of these formats have a style different from each other and easier for the reader to identify the content they are looking at. If you don’t plan to use these various post formats and you just want standard blog article you can hide the post formats choosers by disabling the box from screen option from the top and you can re-enable that option anytime.