Learn WordPress Creating A New Post in Just 10 Minutes

If you want to Learn WordPress Creating A New Post in Just 10 Minutes, make sure you will read this completely and I am sure after completing this you will not be required to read any other article.




In this video, we will create a new post, from the toolbar you can simply select the new post that will lead you to post creation panel, you can also select add a new post from the post in the navigation menu. Learn WordPress Creating A New Post in Just 10 Minutes.







In the first article we will enter the title, WordPress automatically create a link to the post which is a permalink, this is the URL for the web address. You can edit this permalink or make it short or easier to remember by clicking on insert/edit link button in the toolbar. Learn WordPress Creating A New Post in Just 10 Minutes.



Now you can paste some content into the content editor, Note editor will automatically resize it if it’s a longer content and when you will scroll it down toolbar will remain at the same position all time. If you don’t want this feature you can disable from screen option of the page. Before closing the screen option we need to check Excerpt Box is checked. Now at the bottom of the page, you will find Excerpt, you should enter some text in Excerpt field.





Always assign your blog post to a category, it will organize your post into topics or groups to related articles so that visitors can quickly find articles in that category and topic. You can also create a new category and it will be available for your future post, you can assign a post to more than one category. Learn WordPress Creating A New Post in Just 10 Minutes.



You can use tags for further categorize(10) this post. Tags(9) are like keywords, you can add a summary for a new article. It’s always a good idea to choose features image for your article, You can drag or link the photo to the upload the file and you can select that picture for your blog as featured image.





Now you are ready to publish your post. You can choose to save a draft if you don’t want to publish this post now. You can also preview this post by clicking the preview button. Status indicates for the post and pending review means the draft is waiting got a review.



Visibility determines how your post will appear in front of public, Public means it’s visible to everyone, the sticky post will ensure that this post stage on the top of the page after other posts are published, password protected post are published but visitors enter the password specify here before view the content, Private post visible only to you and other editors and administrator of your site. Learn WordPress Creating A New Post in Just 10 Minutes.
By default, your post will publish immediately, but you can schedule your post automatically will publish on that day and time. Once you are done with this you can click on publish WordPress will save and publish your new post. Now you can view on your site.

You can enjoy reading your First Post.