Learn WordPress Category and Tags in Just 18 Minutes

You can Learn WordPress Category and Tags in Just 18 Minutes. In this lesson, you will learn how to organize Your post using Category and tags.



It Helps to make it easier to the readers to find related content. Before we got in deep You need to understand what tags and categories are and how they differ from each other. To better understand this See this example:




Every article you create in WordPress is under the category. The category allows you to organize your post into topics and groups of related articles so the visitors can quickly find all the articles withing the category or topic.
In this example, you can see category and tags are displayed on the left-hand side of the post content. Clicking the category link will show you all the post belongs to that category. Learn WordPress Category and Tags in Just 18 Minutes.



The post category sub panel is where you add edit or delete categories. A category can also be added when a post has been created. To create a new category you can simply enter the name of the category, next you can either enter the slug which is the URL or web address for this category and leave it blank and WordPress automatically create that one for you, enter the description if you like. and then click the add new category button.



Each category may also be assigned a category parent. this enables you to set up a hierarchy to category structure.

You can use any category as a parent category and make child category under the parent category by selecting parent category in the panel. Learn WordPress Category and Tags in Just 18 Minutes.



The Bulk Action menu allows you to delete multiple categories at once and like the other panel in word press, the quick edit function allows you to quickly make changes name and permalink slug directly from this link.


In addition to being sorted by category, each post you create in WordPress can also be assigned one or more keywords, which we call tags. The tag is a one word summary of your article tags enables your visitors to quickly access to all the post containing a specific tags or keyword. Learn WordPress Category and Tags in Just 18 Minutes.



We can also edit a tag from the toolbar, but you can also edit tags from the tag sub panel, at the top is a tag cloud which shows the list of all your tags with the most popular tags displayed in the larger font. Just like category, tags can be manually created edited or deleted in bulk. because you likely end up with dozens of tags so the search option will allow you to find specific tabs to edit or delete. Learn WordPress Category and Tags in Just 18 Minutes.





Now you know how to sort your code using category and tags, easier to your visitors to find related content.